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Soneva Mineralised Drinking Water

Enjoy our selection of mineralised Soneva Drinking Water with a variety of options for both still and sparkling. These rods made from crystal glass are filled with different types of crystal gems. Our house water will be decanted at the table, followed by placing the rod in your water jug. Thelonger the water stays in contact with the crystals the better the properties and flavour get.

The Wellness Mix Soneva Still and Sparkling

(Rose quartz, Amethyst, Rock Crystals.)

Supports your inner balance as well as vitality, inspiration concentration and sensuous awareness.

Five Elements Soneva Still and Sparkling Water

(Ocean jasper, Stoned Wood, Rose Quartz, Calcite, Amethyst)

Based on Chinese philosophy which describes life as a continuous transformation and whereby each element (water, metal, earth, air and fifire) is associated with a certain aspect of life. These gems represent new beginnings, transformative development, inner balance, peace and life force.

Regeneration Soneva Still and Sparkling Water

(Emerald, Rock Crystal)

Strengthens the immune system and supports self-healing power together with rejuvenating effects on the skin. It keeps the spirit young, supports  inner balance and Regeneration.

Harmony Soneva Still and Sparkling Water

(Rose quartz)

Maintains the balance between body and soul, “wellness” depends on an  intake of pure and vital water. Water enhances a feeling of Overall Well being.

Herb water is available on request (mint, sweet basil and rosemary)

Soneva Jani produces mineralised water to reduce the impact of our environmental footprint. We make our own water by reverse osmosis. It is then passed through various sophisticated fifilters and mineralized with only good minerals.

Please note that, Soneva Jani gives a significant proportion of our Soneva Drinking Water revenue to clean water project that provide infrastructure, tools and health awareness to people worldwide who do not have access to safe drinking water. 

Freshly squeezed at the bar

We aim to offer you a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, however, seasonal availability or logistical challenges may prevent us from having everything available every day.

The following juices are made freshly and can be ordered individually mixed.

All juices and beverages listed below are complimentary for guests staying in one of Soneva Jani Chapter Two's Reserve Villas

Apple Mango Beetroot 

Water melon Orange Carrot 

Grapefruit Papaya Cucumber 

Honeydew melon Pineapple Tomato